Friday, June 19, 2009



We have thunderstorms; the local news is spending the first 10 minutes telling us it is raining. They even had a reporter standing in the rain saying she could feel the raindrops. And this is news????? The worst is when they show radar the splits the storm and tells us from how high the rain is falling.

News is no more, the weather has become entertainment, if there's video – it's a major story, if there is a 911 call – it's there. And then there is the investigative reporting, and massive sensationalizing of a story such as "Is Your Drinking Water Safe?" which the net-net is the opinion of somebody.

I am also noticing an increase in the "Breaking News Story" that does nothing more than spread 'unconfirmed rumors'. And when there is a real emergency, will anyone believe it. Perhaps our super intelligent marketers that say they report the news we demand, will read about the boy who cried wolf.


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