Monday, July 03, 2006


A Judy Blanket

I was thinking if there is any support / interest to help me get a sponsor for a "Judy Blanket"?

A Judy Blanket would be a fleece throw wrapped in a pink bow (for breast cancer) and would be for children of parents affected by breast cancer. I see the throw being soft and warm with a winter scene (not necessarily Christmas because the darkest winter nights are in January and February).

I would like to combine a charitable visit from Santa (see my pic ) and distribute these blankets. A child would then have something warm and something to cuddle with on those cold lonely nights. Judy was able to give warmth and hugs to keep her children warm and also she was a little bit of a blanket hugger herself as a child (although instead of a blanket it was a piece of faux fur she called precious).

Anybody have any ideas how I can get started on this?

Dave "Christmas Hobbyist" Davis

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