Saturday, August 23, 2008


2012 Beloit Mindset

The latest rendition of the Beloit Mindset ( )is out and I can't decide if I'm happy with it or disappointed with it. While it does have many good reference points that compare things different from when I was a freshman entering college, I think it misses several post 1970's changes. Some items I can think of include:
Most of them have never used a Dot Matrix printer
Most of them have had only high speed internet at home, but most assuredly have not dialed up using a 1200 baud modem.
Internet use groups and bulletin boards have only been minor, most information has been available through websites and html.
Celebrating Christmas has always started before Thanksgiving.
Most have flown commercially (personally I didn't take first plane ride until I was 25)
Pizza has always been a commodity, delivered in 30 minutes or less.
Chicken nuggets have always been on fast food menus.
The majority of television commercials have focused on an image instead of on a product.
They have never really experienced "the new cars" or the "new television season" .
Most have never experienced a daytime world series game.
Most have never seen a 'split carbon' for a charge card receipt.
Most have never had to wait at a cash register, while a cashier checked a paper book to see if the card was void, nor had to wait while the cashier "called in the card" to get approval, almost all credit card approvals have been from swiping the magnetic strip.
Most have never seen a cashier key in the price for every item, as most all stores use the UPC code for prices.
Woolco has never existed (the KMart version of F.W. Woolworth)
Most have never known the best tuna is "Chicken of the Sea", nor "Sorry Charlie"
TV networks have never provided gavel to gavel coverage of a national convention in their lifetime.

Other thoughts or ideas?



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