Saturday, April 02, 2005


Emmie the Bird on the PC

Emmie on PC. We had a bit of a situation at home over the holiday. It started out on Maundy Thursday when Addie let her bird (Sky Blue star of stage and singing) fly around for a little bit. Next thing we knew, Addie found Sky laying in Sammie the dog's cage. She was upset and crying. Later we found feathers at the sun room door, we think sky flew into the open door, got dazed, hit the ground and chomp. So on the Monday after Easter, we took Addie to the Andersons and let her get a new bird. She choose a green bungie that was the calmest bird in the cage. I wanted to call the bird weed, she wanted to call it Emerald. So Emmie it is. Emmie appears to have selected my laptop as her favorite place to hang out. See the pic? So far the jealous dog (who we now call Jell-o) has left us alone. Emmie does do to Microsoft applications what I only dream of doing!!! Posted by Hello

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